Quality Policy

Quality and delivery timeliness are our main objectives. We are prepared to respond to any requests and demands of our clients. Our Company's success is based on flexibility and customized approach to each and every client.

The quality of our products is guaranteed thanks to our long-time relationship with our suppliers. Each of them is evaluated (and sometimes visited) on an annual basis, to verify whether or not they are able to fulfil our/your requirements. This procedure guarantees speedy delivery and quality of our products.

The quality of service provided by our Company resides in our wide range of products, and our ability to supply even very unusual materials. We also propose technical consulting. Generally, in co-operation with our international partners, we can solve technical problems for our clients, and propose full material-supply-related service.

Our clients find a reliable partner in our Company. This is so thanks to our compliance with all agreed to terms and conditions, delivery dates, material quality, various packaging requirements, etc.

Our processes are efficiently managed and subject to continuous improvement. Our clients' expectations become stimuli for further development of our service. Our Company is committed to improving continuously the skills of its staff as well as its processes.

This Policy is compulsory for all our staff and requires their steady support in order to keep improving our products and service quality. The Company management undertakes to implement this Quality Policy, to improve continuously the Company's Quality Management System, and to maintain its focus on client satisfaction.

Mgr. Pavel Jursík

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