About ALCHIMICA s.r.o.

ALCHIMICA markets chemicals and materials for scientific, research, and development purposes, and for special industrial applications.

We import chemicals from the whole Europe, Asia, South Africa and USA.

ALCHIMICA obtained Quality Certificate of management system ISO 9001:2001. Management system entails activities as import and export of industrial, clean and laboratory chemicals and import and distribution of food and feed resources. On the December 7 2009 was the Quality Certificate of Management system ISO 9001:2001 approved by the Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance.


The Indis Group is a group of about 30 companies trading in chemicals and operating in thirty countries worldwide. These are prosperous companies marketing chemicals for pharmaceutical or food use, surface treatment of metals, chemical productions, etc. Their cooperation is based on complete openness and trust, which makes it a highly effective international marketing tool not only for finding new sources of chemicals in various countries, but also for placing local products in markets where other Group companies operate. INDIS has members in Germany, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Singapore, India, Taiwan, USA, Japan, and Malaysia, for example.

Every year, an annual meeting is held in one of the countries involved. Companies present their new ideas and products launched successfully over the past year that could be of interest to their colleagues from other countries.

Being a member of INDIS has brought substantial benefits to our company. Since 1998 when ALCHIMICA entered the Group, its sales have been on an upswing, and its business developed to include export to a number of countries. In many cases, this would have been impossible without reliance on contacts and information provided by our colleagues from other member companies.

Responsible Care

Since 2005, ALCHIMICA has held a Responsible Care .
certificate granted by the Czech Chemical Industry Association. The company was able to renew the certificate in 2013.

Czech Chemical Traders and Distributors Association (SCHOD)

ALCHIMICA is a member of the Czech Chemical Traders and Distributors Association (SCHOD). SCHOD was founded in 1998 as a section of the Czech Chemical Industry Association. In the autumn of 2003, a separate Czech Chemical Traders and Distributors Association was founded, and subsequently became a full member of the European Association of Chemical Distributors, of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), and an associate member of the Czech Chemical Industry Association - SCHP.
At present, it includes 14 member companies.


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