Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

Alchimica's Health, Safety and Environment Policy is an important part of our commitment to work and do business in compliance with our values and ethical principles. It describes a number of essential principles and values shared by all Company staff. It is developed in more detail in procedures and plans within the Company's internal documentation that are held available to all employees. The Company organizes regular trainings on the subject.

Every individual is well aware of his or her responsibility and role to play in environment protection, in making their workplace safe and healthy, and in saving energy in all forms used by the Company.

Our Company is committed to understanding and complying with any and all HSE-related laws and regulations. Not only does it adhere to any measures required by such laws and regulations, but it also pro-actively contributes to improving HSE by constantly looking for any potential hazards and critical points its business involves, and by taking systematic prevention steps.

The Company also expects compliance with any and all health, safety and environment protection laws, regulations and rules from its partners and suppliers, both national and international. HSE compliance is a major criterion in the Company's supplier evaluation process.

Our Company encourages open communication and knowledge-sharing not only with its clients and suppliers, but also with other companies within the professional associations of which it is a member. We consider experience-sharing in this field as an important aspect of our membership in such organisations.


 Our Company does its best to provide safe and healthy working environment to its employees and any other individuals working for it.


Health, safety and environment protection are among the main principles governing our business.


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